Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wolf Cub Update

For those of you who've been holding our neighbors the Children Raised By Wolves in prayer...some good news:

They will not, as we had feared, be going to live with their grandmother and her sex-offender boyfriend. Child Protective Services in the county of their destination got involved, somehow, and put the kibosh on that. In addition, one of the workers there did some research and found the family an alternative place to live in a community not all that far away from us.

Not that this is an ideal situation. The new home is in a trailer park, with all the connotations and dysfunctions that go along with that atmosphere. The social worker also found a new home, in the same park, for the completely deadbeat, non-disabled tag-along relatives who currently live next door and mooch off the meager resources of the Wolf family; we weren't too happy to hear that, once again, these people were going to be the Wolf family's camp followers. And of course the kids are saddened to be moving to a different school and losing friends, and at least some of their pets.

But it's a much better scenario than what was about to happen.

FT and I were talking to our pastor and his wife about this situation, and their comment was that the best thing we can continue to give these children is hope. We can tell them that, yes, their childhood pretty much sucks right now, but it's not going to be like this forever; it's not the end of the story; their liberation is going to come.


Tom in Ontario said...

Sounds like pastor and his wife had Easter on their minds. Good advice. Help as you can and there is always hope in God. Things can get better.

Wendy said...

why can't you be the foster family?

LutheranChik said...

Wendy: For a variety of very good reasons.