Friday, March 14, 2008

A Random Facts Meme

I have been tagged by Heidi for one of those random-facts memes where I must list six unimportant facts about myself. There are actually many unimportant facts about myself, but I will help keep you awake by sticking to just six:

Fact 1: I cannot cross my toes at will.

Fact 2: I like to mix M&M's with popcorn. Back in my single days this often constituted a meal.

Fact 3: I still don't really know how to operate my iPod. I just guess, and then promptly forget what I did to make it work.

Fact 4: I will do anything to avoid parallel parking.

Fact 5: I enjoy putting more than driving.

Fact 6: I have a strange abiding love for magazines that often overpowers my love for ready folding money, trees and sustainable waste disposal.

I'm now supposed to tag six random blog visitors. Since I'm not sure I have six random blog visitors, I'll open this up to anyone reading: Go for it.


PamBG said...

I'm not a random visitor as I read fairly regularly. I also hate memes! :-D

Teri said...

I also put m&ms in my popcorn. And popcorn with m&ms clearly constitutes a meal..what's the problem with that? ;-)