Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Soup's On

Last month FT and I signed up to make soup at church one week during Lent, for our pre-service Lenten supper...we decided to make one of our own vegetarian favorites, Monastery Lentils . We use vegetable stock, add some garlic and celery, and bump up the number of carrots to add some extra vegetable goodness.

I cooked up a triple batch in the crockpot last night...woke up to a most delicious aroma wafting its way throughout the house. I can't wait 'til tonight, when we serve it with ooey-gooey cheese on top.


zorra said...

But do you add the sherry during Lent? The sherry is what "makes" this soup, IMHO.

LutheranChik said...

Well, I made the loose-Lenten-ship Protestant version, with sherry. But not much. LOL

For people who don't want to use sherry, BTW -- I think if you use some low-sodium tamari in your veggie-broth base, and hang back on adding more salt, you will get a mild sherry-like aromatic "somethin'-somethin'" flavor in the recipe.