Friday, March 14, 2008

My Bucket List

One of these days Fellow Traveler and I want to get out and see the film "The Bucket List" -- the title referring to that life list of things each of us would like to do before we kick the bucket.

We were talking about this the other day at home, and I observed, with some alarm, that my list is not all that long -- which I hope doesn't translate into my bucket not being all that full.

There's not a lot of drama in it either -- no deep-seated desire to bungee-jump off a suspension bridge in New Zealand or travel in space or sell everything I own and become an itinerent motorhome-dweller.

I'd like to learn to fly-fish. It's such a challenge -- it's really a multidisciplinary course of study that encompasses everything from entomology to the arts-and-crafts quality of fly-tying to the motor skills necessary to properly cast. But considering that I can't even manage the logistics of a humble spinner reel, I give fair warning to any instructors out there that I am not a quick study when it comes to sports of any kind.

I'd like to learn tai chi...although, again, there's that kinetically challenged thing to deal with.

I'd like to visit New England and the Maritime Provinces -- especially Vermont, a.k.a. the Promised Land.

I'd like to learn Spanish. (I did recently update my Google homepage to include a Spanish word of the day. It's a start, anyhow.)

I'd like to learn enough about kayaking and canoeing to not embarrass myself and frustrate my partner.

My gardening jones comes and goes in fits and starts. Last month I pruned and fertilized my remaining ferns in an attempt to re-green my thumb...despite the presence of pets in our household, I'd like to find some type of indoor plant that's aesthetically pleasing, that really sparks my interest, that isn't too much of a challenge to maintain.

And I'd like to -- we'd like to -- move up north. Sometime.

Like I said, it's not much of a list. I don't know if that spells contentment or just a lack of imagination.


Auntie Knickers said...

What a good list! It's not Vermont, but if you ever want to come to Maine there is a room here for you and FT. There's even a Lutheran church in town.

LutheranChik said...

FT actually lived in Maine for a number of years...that'd be like old home week for her!

Trish said...

The Bucket List was a good movie. Maybe I just liked it because it has my favorite sporadic activity: skydiving. :) I think your list is fine and dandy. If bungee jumping isn't your thing, why do it? Have a good one.

david said...

I need to learn to fly fish. My father-in-law is taking me to Alaska as a graduation from seminary gift and we will be salmon fishing. If you learn before June, how about passing along a few pointers.

suebee said...

It's a sign of contentment, for sure. I just went on a trip with two good friends and one brought up the Bucket List question. I kind of sat staring at my hands. Sure, maybe go see a couple countries. But no big unmet dreams. Life has been good.