Friday, March 14, 2008

"Be Not Afraid..."

Notes on our informal household ministry of hospitality:

We just sent out invitations for our second annual Easter open house. We already got a couple of returned RSVPs.

We're going to serve leg of lamb. We do not yet know where we will get the leg of lamb.

We usually try to include a vegetarian alternative for these affairs. I have no idea what we will serve as a vegetarian alternative.

I do not yet know what side dishes I will make to serve with the leg of lamb.

I do not yet know what dessert I will make to serve with the leg of lamb and unknown side dishes, or if our guests (invited to bring an appetizer or sweet) will bring dessert.

But I am not panicking. Yet.


Anonymous said...

Oh... to live in a moment like this and NOT panic...

Crimson Rambler said...

a note on your not-yet-panic: when we were teens, my favorite cousin (a girl of profoundly secular mind) used to greet ALL crises by shouting, "Easter's coming, and the stone-rollers are on strike!" BURNED into my brain, that one.