Monday, March 10, 2008


Good, responsible citizens that we are, we pre-spent our as-yet unreceived economic stimulus checks on...a Wii. We engaged in some aggressive bidding on eBay and got a very good deal.

Yesterday afternoon we went on a tour of our game package. Since we're still in a Daylight Savings Time haze we didn't attempt golf, but we did play a few games of bowling, baseball and darts. Pretty cool; and good exercise too -- we were actually sweating after our second round of bowling. I understand there's even an aerobics Wii program out there, complete with a wired exercise mat to help exercisers hit the right marks, at the right speeds.

(The pets' assessment of Wii: halfway between confusing and frightening. As in, "Let's all go in the other room.")

Listening to the grim economic news this morning, I thought, "The barbarians are at the gates...but at least we'll be fit and entertained when they break through."

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Tom in Ontario said...

My kids got Wii for Christmas and I play Wii sports almost every day. I'm awesome at tennis, very good at bowling, and quite good at golf (although the golf swing is nothing like the real thing). I find baseball tough when I'm playing against the system and not another human being. I've never tried boxing, just not into fighting sports.

But my arms get so sore, especially my right arm after playing baseball.