Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Groaning Board

We had Easter dinner for six yesterday, after we got home from church.

Last year we made Greek dishes, just because we like them. This year, as a paen to the Irish side of my partner's Celtic ancestors, I thought I'd try an Irish Easter feast.

We served crackers with smoked salmon, Dubliner cheese and a yummy dill/onion/horseradish spread we picked up on a whim;leg of lamb marinated in an orange juice/orange marmalade mixture seasoned with a good dose of garlic and chives; spiral-slice ham; boiled new potatoes with butter and parsley; roasted root vegetables -- carrots, parsnips, celeriac (a fact which I left out of the description at the table, since celariac takes too long to explain), leeks and a little red onion and garlic, seasoned with thyme; sauteed savoy cabbage with bacon; homemade whole-wheat soda bread and potato yeast bread with butter, marmalade and strawberry-rhubarb jam. Our guests brought a totally decadent chocolate cake layered with caramel, nuts and chocolate chips, and two adorable lavender-spotted bunny cakes with paper ears.

I have to say -- it's amazing how much food six women can pack in. Even taking into account the take-out bags we sent home with them...there's really not much left.

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Judith said...

What a feast! Especially the lamb!! Suddenly,my tiny weight-watcher's lunch doesn't seem so ample (as if it ever did!).