Saturday, March 15, 2008

South-of-the-Border on the Sunrise Side

Needless to say, we were pretty tired this morning. I had restless dreams involving skeetball and an arcade machine where the player had to try and collect bouncing "bees" into a net and deposit them into a honeypot. FT was just out for the count.

We finally emerged into the daylight very late in the morning. Our major task of the day was moving the family caravan from Cold Comfort Cottage to the newly repaired/restored Big House. But we also needed to do some grocery shopping; and we were kind of hungry; so we took an adventure trip to Standish, east of Outer Podunk on the sunrise side of the state, and drove down M-13 just past the city limits to look for Tony's Tacos.

Tony's Tacos is just a taco stand along the road, run by a guy right from Mexico. It used to be open only during tourist season, after which Tony would spend the winter back home; but now the stand is open all year. Tony's has the best Mexican food, in my estimation, north of the big cities. It's real food. It's worth sitting in the car, in an ugly industrial area, in 40 degree weather to eat.

We had chalupas -- spicy pulled pork and cheese inside thick corn flatbread -- and a brunch-y chorizo-and-potato taco. They were so good.

Anyone reading this who travels up the I-75 corridor -- instead of eating fake Mexican food, take the Standish exit, travel a little south of the city limit on M-13 and look for Tony's on the west side of the highway. It's the real deal; as Guy Fieri might put it, it's money.

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