Sunday, March 02, 2008

Our Church Rocks

Little Church Next to a Hayfield is hosting a concert this Friday night -- Lost and Found , a duo of singer-songwriters whose website describes their sound as "the intersection where the Ramones meet John Denver," and who are a favorite on the pan-Lootern Yout circuit, are playing a gig at our place. I think we get their award for Most Remote Concert Venue in the Continental United States, which is probably only because they're on a first-name basis with our pastor.

I've been using my PR connections to get some last-minute plugs for the concert in the local media. It's interesting to promote music that I don't listen to...I mean, we're going to the concert and all, but these days I'm either listening to classical music or jazz or classic Sinatra/Clooney-era pop or the sort of ambient world music one finds on Putumayo compilations, with a few folksinging wimmin thrown in. I shall nonetheless keep an open mind. Gabba-gabba-hey, y'all.


Ruth said...

They are definitely their own brand of sound.....and also...hilarious.
You'll have a great time, I swear :)

Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

OMG! THey're still around??

A good friend in high school made me a mix tape of their stuff, which I loved and adored, but I accidentally melted it by leaving it on my dashboard...

Anyway - woohoo!!