Monday, March 10, 2008

It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Bummed about those ever-spiraling fuel costs? The mortgage crisis? The neverending war?

Don't be.

Because things are going to get a lot worse, at least according to this article:;_ylt=Avu4.6ZZJjASfFsBTnTEkhoDW7oF

But in the spirit of Monty Python, "When yer chewin' on life's gristle/don't give up/give a whistle!", Maestro, please:


cheesehead said...

That's 2--count 'em 2--ear worms from one post.


Scooper said...

I know Adrian Melott, who is quoted in the Yahoo news article. He has spent about a decade studying gamma ray bursts and their possible interaction with planetary atmospheres, and he is a good and thorough astrophysicist.

He has also been striving mightily against Fundamentalists who are trying to manipulate science instruction in the public schools, and against Creationists and Intelligent Design Proponents.

Tom in Ontario said...

Awesome video. That was in Toronto. The university where I got my BEng and my brother got his BArch is behind the stage and to the right. The last time I was back in Toronto was a year ago this week and we ate at the Hard Rock that you see from the stage in the video. Actually, my brother may have been in that crowd come to think of it.