Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Fever...or Reverse SAD?

You know how the short, cold days of winter are supposed to trigger sluggishness, even depression? How the brightening sun is supposed to energize us physically and mentally?

For some reason I'm experiencing the opposite...and not just after losing an hour's sleep.

I am so fatigued lately. And anxious -- despite my daily pharmaceutical fortification. Life just feels overwhelming on a gut level, if not an intellectual one. It's like watching one of those fast-paced, frenetic commercials that flash different pictures on a second-by-second basis until you feel your blood pressure spiking.

I'm not liking this.

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toujoursdan said...

After reading up on Lexapro, I have learned that its effectiveness can diminish or stop altogether. If you continue to have fatigue/anxiety, see your GP about changing the dose or moving to another drug altogether.

You are in my prayers! :)