Saturday, January 28, 2006

We Could Have Told You This...

"Let's organize this thing and take all the fun out of it." -- Ashleigh Brilliant, Potshots

Turns out that the Internet doesn't create dysfunctionally isolated, reality-challenged individuals after all. (See link above.)

My question to the Powers That Be on Higgins Road and elsewhere in Christendom: Do you really get this? That the Internet is a place where people are "being the Church" in new, exciting ways? Where, just as an example, I can run a series of small-group discussions on Lutheranism, on liturgical worship, on Lent, and in turn benefit from participating in an online support group and an online class taught by a real-live seminary prof? Where I am a part of wonderful intersecting circles of Christian friends who provide me with everything from scholarly resources to cool mp3's to an occasional shoulder to wail on? Where I can be supported in my desire to follow a daily spiritual discipline by online Daily Office prayers, lectio divina and other spirituality resources? Where I am literally connected to believers across the globe and across denominational divides, in ways that could never have happened 20 years ago?

On the other hand...maybe it's best you don't get it. So...never mind.


Questing Parson said...

How right you are. But don't forget the blogs -- including yours.

My kids nagged me to start a blog; in doing so I've discovered this wonderful world where I'm finding a treasure of new ideas, challenges to my theology, and spiritual renewal.

The connection to believers you speak of is simply exciting for this old parson.


RuthRE said...

off topic:

Did you figure out how we submit the Ordinary Time devotions?
(Finally did mine!)

Rainbow Pastor said...

Amen, sister!

I have plans for our church website...Oh, do I have plans!

Watch this space!

LutheranChik said...

Go for it, RP!

Ruth: Did you get an invitation to join the "Ordinary Time" blog? I asked and got permission to post; then I just posted my first two right to the blog.

Charlotte said...

What is Higgins Road?

LutheranChik said...

Higgins Road is the Canterbury of the ELCA; it is where our Fearless Leaders hold forth.

RuthRE said...

hmm, I was able to get into it a week or so ago when there was a link on the main RevGal blog....does that archive?

blogger and indeed rings are still a great mystery to me

SkittishKat said...

Currently, LCMS and active in my church. I was confirmed ELCA but spent some years in the Salvation Army. My social concscience, I guess. I got tired of sitting in our pretty church with pretty people who wrote pretty checks for not so pretty people they wouldn't want in their pretty church.
I loved SA but they don't have communion (never quite understood why). And that is a big stumbling block for me.
When I retired I came back to my birthplace and the only Lutheran Church was LCMS. I guess I'm too old to care about the glass ceiling. The only thing that sometimes bothers me is the extra-Bibical doctrine. There are booksful. God said it! Don't chew, swallow and regurgatate it for me. Do they do that in ELCA
I'm a strong beliver in teaching from the Word of God itself. I don't know what label that makes me, if anyone has a clue let me know. Is there a church that doesn't write its own list of "what we believe", I'm still seeking.
P.S. Check out my blogspot.