Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gathering and Sending

See, this is what happens when I get a day off: I've just put out feelers for a new three-week Beliefnet Dialogue Group called "Getting the Most Out of Liturgical Worship." I will be basing topic threads on material from two Augsburg Fortress books, Gathered and Sent by Karen G. Bockelman and Nicholas T. Markell, and Truly Present: Practicing Prayer in the Liturgy by Lisa Dahill. Participants do not have to have access to these books. (Although if you'd like to anyway, check out the link to Augsburg Fortress over in my sidebar.)

Part of the dialogue will be offering participants basic information on the whys of liturgical worship. Part will be helping make some meaningful connections between corporate worship and personal spiritual practice.

Any readers who are not Beliefnet members but want to participate: You need to register with Beliefnet in order to sign up for dialogue groups or lurk there. This is easy and painless.

Join us for what I think is going to be a good discussion. I'm going to be using "talking points" that are intended for journaling and personal reflection as well as for group discussion, so I hope they'll be a good jumping-off point for participants' personal spiritual explorations.


LutherHen said...

I believe I will mosey on over and sign up. We may be heading toward rotating back to the states soon, so I'll be church shopping, and will be glad of some clarity of mind regarding just what I'll be shopping for!

Nicodemia said...

I signed up! Tried to register and then discovered I'd registered months and months ago, only I'd forgotten all about it!

Now I've got another net-name and password to remember!!

LutheranChik said...

Awright, Nic!

I see today I passed the 12-person quorum needed to get the group launched.

Michele said...

have you seen Shands's The Liturgical Movement and the Local Church? 2nd printing 1965, Morehouse-Barlow. Love it, and not much has changed.