Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Crying Game

I think I mentioned awhile back that I am afflicted with what I will call, in my winsomely Victorian way, a ladies' complaint. Having just reread Leviticus from beginning to end, I can tell you that if I were an ancient Israelite I'd be the community equivalent of kryptonite; and that's even before the family patriarch tried to marry me off to some jamoke over on the other side of the encampment.

Anyway, it finally got to the point where I felt compelled to drag myself to my doctor, who prescribed me some low-dose hormones and advised me to eat more iron. And even though this is the third time on this particular fun ride for me, I walked out of her office with the hope that This is all going to be over soon!

Well, it's Day Three of the Drug Regimen. It's not over, and now in addition to everything else I've found that my prescription is wreaking havoc with my emotions. I'm sitting here wailing for no reason; I mean, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to weep today, from the plight of Jill Carroll to the ominous aggressive noises coming from the government or Iran to the sad ending to the whale-in-the-Thames story; but I could be watching WWF wrestling and I'd be boo-hooing into my coconut sorbet. When I'm not weepy I'm kick-yo'-ass angry, for no particular reason. And I'm still in wet-dishrag mode, energy-wise. I can't concentrate; can't string words together into coherent sentences. Last night while grocery shopping I got weak and buzzy-headed in the supermarket and almost left my cart in the aisle and bailed; then I got home, lugged in five bags of groceries plus my work stuff, all of which kept falling on the ground and on the floor...I blurted out, "I am never not carrying something! I am so tired of carrying things!"

I wish I were a bear and could just crawl in some nice, dark, enclosed space, fall asleep and wake up in a brand-new season surrounded by sunlight and green, growing things. Which is a nicer way of saying, I'm sick of this shit.


Cathy said...

Been where you have been so know what it's like. Take care of yourself!

cheesehead said...

It's ladies complaint week around here too. I feel your pain...

LutheranChik said...

I spent today in hibernation; didn't go out at all, even though it was a pretty decent day. I just have no energy. On Saturday, after our blizzard was over, I tried shoveling my sidewalk, and I just couldn't get to the end -- and I like shoveling snow. It's very frustrating and depressing. And being too tired to think is about the worst. I think all the blood has drained from my head region.:-/

I'm also not terribly confident in my doctor, and not sure where I might find a good GYN. In this area there's one healthcare system that basically owns the franchise for medical care. So there's not a lot of choice. I used to have a NP I liked -- an interesting woman, with a pierced nose, whose office was in a community even smaller than Outer Podunk -- but she really took time with patients and had a holistic approach to treatment...but then she moved out of state. Sigh.

Charlotte said...

Been there. I'd be in for a lot of doves were I bound by Leviticus. (Just sayin'.) Actually looking forward to minor surgery (GP gave me a referral! Hooray!). So big sympathies, even though my current meds even me out nicely. (It will often take a cycle to work.)

Be sure to consume some Vit C with that iron, if your GP didn't tell you. Dark chocolate is very very good for this too, as are raisins. So have some chocolate covered raisins, a margarita, and a good cry to get on the other side.

LutheranChik said...

I'm not a real raisin fan, so I've been sneaking from my baking cache of dried tart cherries (although if I keep buying those I won't have money for the pigeons or turtledoves, and will be reduced to the po' folks' grain offering).

I've been eating molasses. And spinach. (Not at the same time.) Soythings. Beef. Dark meat chicken.

David Huff said...

Chocolate, esp dark chocolate, is one of the four food groups all by itself :)

Of course, as a Southerner, the other, three are: red meat, fried things, and "other." So a balanced meal would be chicken-fried steak (that's two right there) plus mashed taters, collard greens, and some chocolate icebox pie for dessert ;)

If you don't feel like making it yourself, very good reditions can be found at Luby's

RevHRod said...

Dates, dried apricots and prunes - (yikes) are all good sources of iron when eaten with a meal.

They also are all really good in sauces of a stew like nature. The kind of thing you cook in the crock pot. Check out recipes that fall into Yiddish, Germany or Middle Eastern cuisines. You might find some that you like.

Good luck!