Monday, January 16, 2006

A Stitch In Time...

...helps keep the people of Afghanistan a little warmer.

Afghans for Afghans is a project that helps connect knitters and crocheters with people in Afghanistan and surrounding areas who need warm winter clothing. The organization periodically collects handcrafted afghans and winter wear to distribute to Afghans who need them.

Several years ago I found myself in such an artsy-craftsy mood that I taught myself to knit (very rudimentary hats and two-needle mittens -- one color, thank you, although I did learn a few pattern stitches). I wound up knitting several watch caps, scarves and pairs of mittens of various sizes, and wound up sending them to Afghans for Afghans.

I've not knitted for a long time, and I'd forgotten about Afghans for Afghans until I wrote my post about the Central Asia Institute and suddenly remembered this organization. Since I know there are many knitters out there in the blogosphere...check out the Afghans for Afghans website and share it with your crafty friends.


Emily said...

They are absolutely on my knitting to-do list.

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing - there are so many needs in the world, including those that knitters can contribute.