Friday, January 20, 2006

Five Pleasures

The RevGalBlogPals' Friday Five challenge this week is to name five of our pleasures. Oh, my. Well, okay. Here are five, in no particular order:

1. I just discovered this one tonight after dinner: coconut sorbet. I had a big scoop of it on fresh pineapple...mmmmmm. Dark chocolate sauce on it would be great -- like a big, cold Mounds bar -- although that would tend to cancel out the whole low-fat/healthy snack thing.

2. What I just heard described on another blog as intuitive driving. Or maybe process driving, for you theology buffs out there. You get in the car and just drive, preferably on two-lane "blue highways," and see where you wind up. I especially enjoy this in the fall, when the autumnal color gives you two, two, two pleasures in one.

3. Greenhouses. I tend to treat these like botanical gardens; I'm there as much for the atmosphere as to actually buy anything. (A fact that I'm sure annoys the greenhouse owners in my area.) There is nothing like coming out of a cold, snowy, dreary day into a warm, humusy greenhouse and being surrounded by green growing things.

4. Birdwatching. It's way more fun than television.

5. The canned music inside Barnes and Noble. I'm really not that enamored of "Buns and Noodle" bookwise, but the music to speak.

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Rainbow Pastor said...

Process driving, yes!
When I was in junior high and high school and my mom was coping with being a single mom, and my sister nad I were coping with our parents' divorce, my sister, my mom and I would go on long untuitive drives on Sunday afternoons. Gave us a chance to see the countryside, get away from our (too small) apartment, and it was somehow easier to talk riding in the car than sitting on the living room sofa.
I still prefer a slower "blue highway" route to someplace than the speedy freeway does my highway engineer mother, go figure!