Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Not Procrastinating If You Have To Do the Other Stuff Too

It's like this: I've got these two essays to finish for the upcoming Ordinary Time book of devotionals. One is about King David being a schmuck; the other is based on the first chapter of Revelation -- heavy stuff. So I made myself some therapeutic popcorn for writing fuel (much to the delight of my dog; at our house we call it "pupcorn") and commenced sitting and thinking deep, furrowed-brow thoughts.

So how did I wind up in the kitchen, making my lunch for tomorrow and the next day?

Well, for one thing, I had to. And...sometimes recreational cooking helps me think -- you know, the deep, furrowed-brow thoughts. So after blog-surfing -- ahem -- another attempt at priming the ol' cognitive pump, you understand -- I decided to make myself a luncheon salad.

I Googled the recipe that follows while trying to get some new ideas for bean salad. Because of my delicate condition, I have been advised to eat a lot of iron, yet too much iron -- even a multivitamin with iron -- can make me violently, gut-wrenching ill. And I'm trying to watch my cholesterol, so as appealing as a nonstop diet of T-bone steak sounds to me right now, I can't do that either. Legumes, whole grains, dark greens, molasses and super-dark chocolate have become my good friends. Anyhow, my food coop had a great sale on canned beans this weekend, and now I had a can of cannellinis that needed something done to them. So I threw together:

Tuna-Cannellini Salad

a can of albacore tuna
some chopped sundried tomatoes packed in olive oil, with some of the oil
a can of cannellini beans
some balsamic vinegar
a little more olive oil
some chopped olives
salt and pepper

Good stuff, Maynard -- I think probably even better tomorrow.

If only I could throw together an essay this fast...


RuthRE said...

Do you need a sounding board for the essays? You're obviously online right now :)

Emily said...

Mmm, yum. Reading recipes is an equally good procrastination tool.

Songbird said...

Hey, I thought *I* was writing about King David being a schmuck!
Although I suppose there's more than enough schmuckiness to go around.

cheesehead said...

That sounds so good! Would it work with regular old cheapo tuna?

LutheranChik said...

Cheapo tuna would be fine. I think NO tuna would be just as fine.

Simeon said...

Yum, that sounds good :) May have to make that and pack it for lunch sometime this week. Throw in some whole wheat crackers, good cheese, and a dill pickle...certainly better than what I can get at the company cafeteria :P

cheesehead said...

Hey LC, I am eating this salad even as we speak for lunch today, and I must say it is EXCELLENT!

I subbed a splash of rice vinegar for balsamic, but otherwise your recipe rocks!