Friday, January 06, 2006

Five Weird Habits

Cathy has tagged me for the Five Weird Habits meme.

My first reaction, upon reading this challenge was, "What? Only five?" My second reaction was to ponder whether or not I really wanted to share five of my weird habits with the rest of the world, and in so doing probably pound the final nail into the coffin of my Close Personal Committed Relationship Odds.

Maybe this is meant to be. Maybe God is dragging me by the heels into a new vocation, as the very first Lutheran anchoress. Hey, as long as my church is building a new addition, maybe they can tack on a little studio apartment with a grille on the door, a prie-dieu and a DSL hookup, and I'll be all set.

What were we talking about? Oh. Weird habits. I'll play. Why not.

1. I hate opening my mail. Even if I know or at least suspect it's good mail, I procrastinate, then open it very slowly, and then procrastinate reading the contents. It can take me a day to read a letter, if I even get the envelope open by then.

2. Sometimes when I've been sitting for a long time, at work or at home, I find myself having to get up and move around right away. It's just a sudden urge I have to walk around. Now, at work I can kind of fake looking purposeful as I'm doing this, and there's enough room to roam to get the happy feet out of my system; but here at Cold Comfort Cottage, with its Das Boot sized interior, I basically have the hallway, which ends in a cul-de-sac at the back door, and then a loop through the galley kitchen on the way back. So my suddenly jumping up, pacing around the house and coming back to my seat looks weird. I don't think it is weird, but it looks weird.

3. I always second-guess whether or not I've turned off the headlights and locked the doors on my car -- I'm constantly walking maybe 12 paces from my parked vehicle, then going back to double-check. I'm also constantly worrying about where my car keys are. Very OCD, and I'm sure a Jungian therapist would also have a lot of fun exploring the symbolic meaning of my angst regarding my vehicle. But I used to be much worse; I also used to get extremely anxious about whether I'd turned off my iron, or turned off the coffee pot, which meant that I was extremely anxious most of the time. I've actually gotten better over the years.

4. I am something of a passive-aggressive wimp when it comes to city driving. I get very impatient making left-hand turns, and complicated intersections with multiple turn lanes also tend to freak me out -- I'm just a li'l ol' country girl whose life in the city was spent sans automobile -- so I have developed the Right-Hand Turn Rule. My thesis is that you can get anywhere in the world by making right-hand turns. So I do. It's kind of mythopoetic, if you think about it -- tracing the spiral of life and all. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

5. I tend to be a supermarket wanderer. Oh, I make a list and attempt to follow the aisles in sequential order, but inevitably I'll forget something, or second-guess purchasing or not purchasing an item, or get a sudden inspiration, and I'll backtrack. This is especially true on a busy, preoccupied day. So my supermarket aisle routes tend to be like those old laboratory studies of caffeine, where they fed spiders a dose of the stuff and the spiders wound up spinning ridiculous, haphazard webs. Which reminds me...I need to go grind my coffee for breakfast.

Yes, I know; I'm weird.

I tag anyone who's up to it to name their own five weird habits.


RuthRE said...

Oh, man you are SO WEIRD!
NO ONE is like you. AT ALL.

I NEVER have to come back into the house if I've used the stove within a 24 hr period to make sure it's off.

I ALWAYS open bills joyously. I ESPECIALLY rip open envelopes that don't in anyway disclose their contents.

At work I sit in my seat for 4 straight hours without getting up, then lunch, then another 4 hours only getting up if I need to pee.

I NEVER take the long backroad route to church during busy shopping times when I could do a straight shot down the main drag.

I ALWAYS go through the grocery store in an orderly fashion: Aisle 1 to Aisle 7. Never backtrack. Have a perfect list that I stick to.

Oh yeah, and that was all sarcasm.
Welcome to ADD :)

LoveIsTruth said...

OK you got me -

1. I can let mail pile up for a couple of weeks, untouched.

2. I used to be so paranoid about whether or not I left the coffee pot and iron on, running back to the house endlessly, that I finally invested in both units with automatic shut-offs.

3. I take an absurd amount of time on last minute details before I leave the house and have to build in a half-hour's futzing around time to my prep time before going anywhere of import.

4. I make shopping lists that are incredibly detailed and thorough and then forget to bring them with me (despoite item 3) or I bring them with me and forget to consult them.

5. I am so absent-minded about where I leave my drugstore-reading-glasses that I have to have multiple pairs scattered in my house, office and car.