Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kelly Fryer is Out


I just read about it on Luthersem's blog .

Fryer asks for our prayers. I'd ask, too, for prayers that one day good pastors and other rostered leaders in our denomination aren't forced to make these choices.


Gene said...

Amen to that. I fear that the divisive issue that homosexuality has become in the ELCA may tear it apart.

Mr. Carlson said...


I only got as far as the link before leaving to read the open letter.I posted to my blog then came back to read the rest of your post. I am struck the similarity of our responses.

Simeon said...

Sad news, indeed, for your denomination. I suspect whatever the IRD-funded "renewal" movement in the ELCA is called* is feeling quite smug this morning. Reminds me of the equally sad situation with Beth Stroud in the UMC.

And while I'm certainly not trying to "poach" members from the ELCA or the UMC, they should know that GLBT people are welcome in most parts of the ECUSA, both as laypeople and clergy. Just visit the AAC website and avoid dioceses and congregations listed there, and you should be OK.

* In the ECUSA, it's the American Anglican Council (AAC) and their twin the Anglican Communion Network (ACN). The hard-core of these malcontented folks are only about 10 or 15% of the Episcopal church, though.

Tom in Ontario said...

I had no idea Kelly was gay. A couple of years ago she spoke at our Synod Assembly and last summer she spoke at Lutherhostel, a continuing ed retreat week sponsored by our seminary and synod in Waterloo, Ontario.

I wonder if this will change the way people perceive some of the wonderful (and popular) things she has written. It doesn't change the truth about what she's written but some people might look at it differently because it's written by "one of those."

It's sad that our churches have to lose the gifts brought by some of our members because we look down on them for something that ought not make any difference to them being faithful contributing members of our communities.

God bless Kelly and her ministry.


Discipleship Matters said...

Tom in Ontario wrote: "I wonder if this will change the way people perceive some of the wonderful (and popular) things she has written. It doesn't change the truth about what she's written but some people might look at it differently because it's written by 'one of those'."

Well, Tom, wonder no longer. There are folks who have nothing better to do in life than protect 'us' from 'them', make sure that 'they' do not pollute 'our' sanctuaries with radical ideas like being the church "out there", and otherwise keep the Good News in the closet.

'Hetero-terrorism' is alive and well in Charlottesville, VA, where Kelly is slated to be a keynote speaker at Peace Lutheran Church in February 2007. It seems that the 'sexuality-blind' leadership of the parish managed to miss the news that Kelly was "one of those", and take her message to heart without the benefit of 'hetero-polarized' lenses. Worse, when confronted with the news, parish leaders somehow missed the point that 'they' are not allowed to speak, be heard from, quoted, nor be seen in the context of 'godly' worship.

Of course, it is perfectly justifiable to employ any means necessary -- misinformation, innuendo, gossip -- to redirect attention from real issues of mission to false issues of 'godly behavior'. That includes personal attacks on 'complicit' lay and clergy.

What 'we' don't seem to get is that without 'them' we are not one complete body in Christ, and that when 'one of us' chooses, by judgement, to exclude 'one of them' we disobey Christ's most fundamental message: to Love God, and to Love one another.

Fortunately, the 'we' people are 'wee' people -- and 'wee' people do not represent the whole, nor control the universe. God remains in charge. As sure as he put Kelly on this earth as 'one of those' inculcated with the Spirit as a true and faithful disciple of Christ, His message through her WILL prevail.

Peace to ALL!

Anonymous said...

Kelly is absolutely radical. I have personally heard her speak. I am incredibly familiar with her writing. I have everything that she has ever written. She has molded my life for success. I am deeply impacted by her courage, thological perspective, and her ability to do and say really wicked awesome things. She is just all around crazy cool.

Anonymous said...

She is an amazing person. She has helped me through the toughest times in my life.

would god really judge a book by its cover? would god really just hate someone because their gay?

she has a very open mind and a warm heart that reaches out to everyone.

she is out and proud and has become one of the strongest people i know.

and finally she openly talks to people on a differnt level in order to help them become the person they have always wanted. she knows how people work becuase she figured out herself.

she found herself and is still the same kelly I have always known...