Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Shameless Hussy of a Wine

A few weeks ago, en route to Saginaw, we stopped at Cork-n-Ale, a really swell little store on M-47, and made some experimental purchases based on our own unique household wine research -- to wit, we looked for cheap wine with cool labels.

But Peirano Estates' The Other is more than just a pretty face ( on the shelf. It's an absolutely delightful wine that tastes more expensive than it is -- rich, plummy, blackberry-y, raisiny, with hints of tobacco and oak. We had ours with grilled lamb chops. It's definitely a wine we'll drink again.

But you might not want to donate that spare bottle to the church least not with the label intact.

1 comment:

Gene said...

Sounds like good stuff.

And the nice old ladies who always seem to be the ones taking care of the sacristy could use a little excitement in their lives.

Besides, didn't Jesus himself say to turn the other 'cheek'? :-)

I'll have to keep an eye out for it, since the vineyard is out here in CA (near Lodi..."Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again")