Friday, October 24, 2008

Making an Impression

Who knew that I had a way with the young'uns?

Constant readers will recall our Big Adventure earlier in the year with our great-niece. She loves being read to, and specifically loves being read to by yours truly -- whom she refers to as Uddah Edden, as opposed to her Auntie Edden, aka Fellow Traveler. Edden,in case you're wondering, is a small-person's approximation of our shared first name.

Great-niece's Army dad, who re-upped earlier this year, was deployed this month to the Middle East. Her mom reports that, one evening when Great-Niece was being fussy and obstinate about going to bed, she burst out, "If Daddy not here to wead to me, I want Uddah Edden to wead to me! I want to see Uddah Edden and Ariel!" (Ariel is our pondside mermaid.)

Uddah Edden may have to score a copy of Goodnight Moon and make a long-distance call.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Uddah Edden!

:) word verification was "cophot". Not sure I know any hot cops, do you?