Thursday, October 09, 2008

From Our Travel Files

Boskydel is the oldest vineyard on Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula...a meandering trip inland from M-22, where most of the local vineyards have tasting rooms. It's on Otto Road, which twists and turns for several miles until it reaches the eastern shore of Lake Leelanau. The winery is off the map of the local vintners' association.

We finally reached Boskydel's tasting room -- in a modest barn overlooking the lake. A wagonload of grapes, with hovering yellowjackets, stood outside the door. Fellow Traveler walked inside, while I took pictures of the surroundings.

"How are you doing today?" Fellow Traveler asked the elderly proprietor.

"None o' yer goddamn business," he replied.

Fellow Traveler -- who is usually never taken aback by anything -- was taken aback...but only momentarily. "Okay," she finally responded. "I'll play your game. Why isn't it any of my business?"

"I hate it when people ask stupid questiosn. You're going to leave here a few minutes from now, and you won't care how I am." The curmudgeonly vintner's silent assistant nodded in assent.

At this point I entered the tasting room.

The proprietor placed several bottles of wine onto the counter. "I've got seven kinds of wine here. You can try them, or not."

We tried the whites. They were pretty good. Cheap, too. We bought a few bottles.

"Well...have a crappy day," suggested FT. The proprietor, and his companion, finally cracked a smile.

We love this man. If any readers are ever in Michigan's Leelanau County, you absolutely have to visit this winery.

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