Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Buns (and Back) of Steel

Well, it's been about a month or so since we worked out a barter deal with the local gym -- we manage their website in exchange for memberships.

Despite interruptions due to various illnesses and distractions, FT and I have managed to work out at least three or four or five times a week. I am walking and/or cycling for 15-20 minutes per visit; I'm sticking to a goal of two miles total, but have been tinkering with the resistance controls to change things up. In addition, I've been doing some weightlifting: a series of core fitness machines every workout, plus alternating shoulder and back exercises.

Good news: I am slowly losing my Michelin Woman profile. And my back, especially my upper back, feels 100 percent stronger; no more toothache-level neck and back pain. Bad news: I've now become Brick House Covered in Flubber. But it's progress nonetheless.

We were even talking about branching out into Wii yoga at our house. (Alas, our gym does not offer such classes.)


Now, if I could only extend my newfound personal discipline to my prayer life. Sigh.

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toujoursdan said...

I have found that working out really helps with my mood. They say that it is a good antidote for depression and anxiety.

Glad you guys are sticking with it.