Thursday, October 09, 2008


We drove up to Northport, at the very tip of the Leelanau Peninsula and visited Kilcherman's Christmas Cove Farm , home to over 200 varieties of heirloom apples. When you get to the farm, you walk into a utility building lined wall to wall with the owner's antique soda bottle collection, and filled with dozens and dozens of varieties of apples -- all sizes, colors and shapes. It is absolutely incredible. I'm told my mouth was hanging open as I gazed upon this place.

We bought all sorts of apples -- Russet and Strawberry and Lady and Cox Pippin apples. We bought cider made, we were told, with 50 different varieties.

For me, this really was like Christmas.

If any readers are interested, Kilcherman's makes sampler boxes of heirloom apples and sends them anywhere...check out their website.

And here's a picture of Christmas Cove itself:

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