Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cue the Banjos...

Someone stole the Obama signs at both our residences, so yesterday FT went to the local Democratic Party office for replacements. She found the door locked.

The apologetic young intern who finally undid the door explained, "You wouldn't believe the crazy rednecks we have to watch out for around here."

Oh, yes, we would.


Julia said...

What a shame! Being a southerner, I totally understand the Deliverance reference! That made me laugh out loud.

Trish said...

You know, the seminary I attend is located on what I consider to be a very affluent street. I find it very interesting that all up and down this road, the political signs say, "McCain-Palin" while just one road the other way, where the houses are a little less huge, and the yards are a little less manicured, all the signs say, "Obama-Biden." It reminds me of how those in charge like to keep their agendas going and so vote for those who are looking out for them, while those who maybe want life to be a *little* better vote for the ones looking out for the "working people." What is MOST interesting though, is that those in other parts of town don't have many signs up at all because they don't believe the system can help them, because they are too busy worrying about whether their kids are going to go to bed hungry, and because they don't think their voices are valued or welcome.

Anyway, that's just what I've been thinking about during my fall walks around the sem. Take them as you will.