Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New York, New York!

We're going there for Thanksgiving!

After a momentary panic about lodging -- a task we'd delegated to a hotel-industry in-law whose employee discount wasn't enough to pull a room down into our price range -- we got online and found an affordable "boutique" hotel right in the theater district. We are actually going to be lodging closer to the Macy's parade setup than our kids who are working the parade. We are near museums we want to visit. And as women who, like Napoleon's army, travel on our stomachs, we were also delighted to find some modestly priced eateries of interest within the immediate neighborhood of our digs, including Chinese and Indian restaurants with appealing menus and Zip Burger, which I've heard good things about already.

Did I tell you that we're going TO NEW YORK? FOR THANKSGIVING?


So -- in between the balloons and Rockettes and all that jazz -- do any Constant Readers have tips for fun places to visit, and good-and-cheap places to eat?


cheesehead said...

If you enjoy a good burger, BRGR is located on 7th ave between 27th and 28th streets. Midwestern, grass-fed beef(and others)and really good fries and shakes. And by NYC standards, cheap eats.

Its a little down town from the theater district, but right smack in midtown. Subway stops on 28th St. Or a really easy walk. Just 5-6 blocks from Macy's.

Also: take the subway (C train maybe? I forget) to the first Brooklyn stop, get out and follow the signs to the Brooklyn bridge, walk across headed into Manhattan. A breathtaking view for about $2. (Although if you buy a metro pass it is even cheaper!)

toujoursdan said...

I am in NYC once a month for work. You'll have such a great time. I wish I could be there to meet you but I will be backpacking in Africa.

Be sure to visit the Cloisters. See: The Choisters You won't regret it.

A couple freebies: The Brooklyn Bridge walk is worth it. Bring your camera. And take the Staten Island Ferry. You'll get a great view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Muthah+ said...

I second the Cloisters trip. It is a pain on the bus and I don't think the subway goes there. Go early in the day and come back before rush hour. Have a great time.

toujoursdan said...

You can take the A (express) train to the Bronx and get off at 190th Street and then walk about 1/2 mile.

Here is the direct website:

The Cloisters

LutheranChik said...

Cool! Thanks!

Mata H said...

The free tour of the UN is worth the time. It is actually quite awe-inspiring ...

Don't waste time going to the statue -- all you can do there is climb it --but DO consider the Ellis Island Museum. A ferry goes to both places. Just take the ferry that goes to Ellis first. Then ferry back to shore. This museum is extremely moving -- esp if you had family come through Ellis Island.

Jazz fans? The Blue Note. Not cheap, but see who is playing and you may want to splurge.

Cheap eats ? Head for Chinatown..esp dimsum on weekend mornings..get there and ask where to go. It is a not to be missed adventure.

Ruth said...

for bouncing around Manhattan cabs aren't too bad...especially going from midtown up to the big museums.

Where exactly are you staying in the 50's? 40's? What sort of food would you hope to find? Do you like eateries with gimmicks?

And how long will ya'll be there? :)

LutheranChik said...

We'll be on 46th St.

azul99 said...

The Indian restaurants up and down Eighth Street in the East Village are very good and inexpensive. And that's a fun area to stroll around after dinner as well.

If you have time, take the subway to Brooklyn Heights for a glorious view of the Manhattan Skyline.

We also loved the Ellis Island Museum, 'though the lines at this time of year may make it more trouble than it's worth.

I second The Cloisters recommendation. I also second dim sum in Chinatown on the weekend.

Avoid Times Square and surroundings, for food anyway, at all costs. Overpriced and chain-based for the most part. There is however a very good bagel place on 42nd right by Broadway, a hole in the wall, where you could pick up bagels (w/cream cheese of course) to have w/coffee elsewhere.

In the East fifties (55th I think?) there is a nice French restaurant called Le Bonne Soupe. Excellent food.

You will have a great time!

Shalom said...

I highly recommend Amy Ruth's, a soul food restaurant in Harlem. Best fried chicken EVER.

And I second the UN tour.

If you are willing to pay $15.00 for a sandwich (and like pastrami), Katz's Deli is totally worth the money. It's a little touristy, being the restaurant from "When Harry Met Sally" where Sally, um, you know, had her moment. Apart from that, though, great sandwich.

Hope you have great fun.

toujoursdan said...

And while you walk around, check out the RC, Episcopal and Lutheran churches. Most are open during the day and it only takes a minute or two to stick your nose in and check out the great architecture.

St Mary the Virgin (Episcopal) is also on 46th Street in the Times Square area. It is worth checking out. Nosebleed high and has a pretty interior.

toujoursdan said...

One last thing. BLS goes to St Mary the Virgin ( Not sure if you have contacted her but that might make for a fun meeting.

Ruth said...

I have a food suggestion that will be right near you. To try some excellent NY pizza, check out John's Pizzeria on 44th (between 8th and Bway).

If you are interested in gimmick's and themes at all check out the Jekyll and Hyde Club on 57th near Carnegie Hall

for good bagel's near Rockefeller Center - Bagelfeller on W 48th

For a nice ELCA church..check out Holy Trinity which is right by Columbus Circle (and is on the parade route!)