Thursday, November 29, 2007

You Know It's Time For a New Job When...

You wake up thinking, "Good God -- morning," instead of, "Good morning, God."

You have identified your various bosses' footsteps, and start cringing whenever you hear a signature tap-tap-tap on the carpet behind you.

None of what really inspires, excites or pleases you has a thing to do with your paid job.

You start having fantasies, not about a dream career, but about the lowest-status job you'd be willing to accept. ("I could be a coffee barista..." "I could be a stock clerk down at the Food-o-rama...")

Domestic drudgery starts looking like an attractive alternative to your day job.

You surreptitiously clock-watch: "Three hours and I can go home...two hours and I can go home...half-hour and I can go home..."

Just sayin'.


Rev Scott said...

Oh, no - been there, done that.

Is it a bad thing that I want to cut the grass at a golf course when I retire? 'Cause there's days as a pastor that make just cutting grass look really tempting.

toujoursdan said...

Been there, done that too. There is nothing worse. It sucks the fun out of life.

You know you hate your job when you plan your vacations around your bosses so you don't have to deal with him/her twice as long.

Trish said...

Ha. Even though I'm pretty pumped about this whole "I might get to be a pastor someday" gig, I'm with Rev Scott. Not much makes me happier on a summer day than killing a bunch of weeds. Yeah. I can be like Forrest Gump and "cut that grass fo' free." Lol. Peace to you.

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

I can relate.

The last time I visited Mackinaw Island, I watched a man who was scooping up horse s--stuff-- and felt a surprising envy of him.

He could at least see what he was cleaning up.

If you wish, I can send along the job openings I am exploring.

There is, of course, always seminary ...

Cecilia said...

Blessings in your search LutheranChik. (o)

RuthRE said...

Not been there...AM there :)
And working on the escape clause. I have a coworker who is leaving tomorrow after 5 years...and he was ridiculously hyper and happy today :)

LutheranChik said...

Thanks, all.

And you also know it's time for a new job when you spend the first half-hour of the morning engaged in what appears to be an intensive writing assignment, but is actually my series of cognitive-behavioral-therapy attitude-readjustment exercises. ROFL

Mary Beth said...

I hear you.


Robaigh said...

I'm with you RIGHT NOW. Been thinking about that seminary thing, myself. Because, of course, pastors don't have to deal with all of the personal politics and office witch-hunts, right? Ahem, yeah.