Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Nearly Great Thanksgiving

Fellow Traveler and I just sent out our invitations to our second annual family "open house"-style Thanksgiving dinner for folks we know (and, by extension, folks we may not know yet, whom the folks we know may know) who for whatever reason aren't going to be with their biological families this year during the holidays. We love doing stuff like this, and hope we get some positive responses. We will be serving locally raised turkey from our pal Farmer Ken, plus a groaning board of side dishes. (The number of same dependent on our RSVPs.) We're also going to go around the table and talk about our collective blessings during the past year. If we could somehow "virtualize" our feast to include our online friends, we'd do it!

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zorra said...

These are the best Thanksgivings of all,and we love doing this too. We have to keep it small and quiet this year, so I will be living vicariously through your account of yours!