Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Groaning Board

Here is our Thanksgiving menu, thus far:

fresh locally grown turkey with herb/apple stuffing
homemade cranberry sauce
relishes -- homemade beet relish with horseradish, mixed olives, sweet pickles
mashed potatoes
roasted autumn vegetables
German sweet-sour green beans with bacon
scalloped tomatoes au gratin
bakery rolls
homemade sweet potato-pecan pie
Amish pies

We're either inspired or insane. I guess I'll know by tomorrow evening.


Kathryn said...

As my good friend's mother, Beth, would say
"When in doubt - cook!"
It sounds stupendous. Have a good thanksgiving x

zorra said...

I am sure that between the two of you, you have it all under control. I wonder if you are cooking madly but happily this afternoon, like me. Have a wonderful day.

Sheryl said...

Jealous of the green beans - that is the only way I like them! The friend whose house I'm going to is making them some Louisiana way, which probably means way too spicy for my German palette.