Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Reason to Buy Just Coffee

As some of you know, Fellow Traveler and I just love Just Coffee Ethiopian coffee; we trek about 40 miles out of our way once a month to stock up at the nearest food cooperative.

If our endorsement isn't good enough for you, here's another reason to support this company: They sponsor a program in East Timor that's helping people grow gardens for personal use and for extra household income, using garden seeds and techniques that respect the integrity of that ecosystem and culture. For $37 you can purchase a starter kit of garden seeds for a family in East Timor, and receive 12 ounces of Just Coffee. Such a deal!

I know at least one hard-to-buy-for/has-verything/doesn't-want-stuff couple on my Christmas list who'd be tickled to help a family in East Timor achieve food self-sufficiency in a way that's gentle on the land. Maybe you do too.

Just Coffee .

Just Coffee Seed Project .

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