Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Somewhat Colder Comfort Cottage

We made our regular every-other-week transition from The Big House to Cold Comfort Cottage yesterday.

How odd not to have Cody strutting around here on his home turf, managing the household schedule.

We're noticing that Cassie -- a dog who, when I first met her, had a kind of Snoopy-like disdain for human company most of the time -- has become much more snuggly and affectionate. And Mollie, the cat who used to silently flit from room to room like a little furry phantom, now hangs out with the family much more. And she's more vocal. She used to meow only when she wanted food or a trip outside, but now she'll jump up next to me and "talk" in a casual manner: Frit? Frit? Brrrrt?

We're all missing Little Man in our own ways.


MikeF said...

Ah - someone who speaks cat!

P.S. an after-thought said...

When the pet is gone, there is nobody to blame for the strange noises that take place in the house. We had our cat 19 years; we had to put her down a year ago.

Now the noises creep me out.