Saturday, November 03, 2007

Greetings From God's Country!

Whoddathunk that our rustic retreat venue, tucked against the Sleeping Bear Dunes, had wi-fi?

Yes, it's been a weekend of improbables...beginning with Fellow Traveler's and my raging head colds, which came upon us full force Thursday, on the way here, and almost jettisoned our retreat.

Another improbable: The idea that a personal retreat plan from the Calvin Seminary website could be morphed into a very fruitful couple's retreat for two middle-aged lesbians. Ah, well..,the Lord moves in mysterious ways. Equally improbable is our retreat location, Duneswood, a "womyn-friendly" resort up here; I rather think our little cabin has never heard so much overt Godstuff going on.

Anyway, the programmed segment of our retreat went much so that we've decided to go on retreat as a couple every year. The "Body, Mind and Soul" theme really helped us gain an appreciation of our strengths and weaknesses in this area, gave us some goals to work on, and underscored the idea that we are in a partnership with God and with one another in working toward wholeness.

Today is a free day. We'd taken a little break yesterday between segments to go provisioning in nearby Glen Arbor and give the dogs a chance to run around on one of the abandoned farmsteads that are part of the Sleeping Bear park system. Today we're in total "play" mode; we're heading off to our favorite area coffee shop for ginger scones, then doing a local culture crawl, then coming back to watch the MSU-U of M game. Hope you're all having nearly as much fun as we are today!

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