Friday, April 21, 2006

RevGals' Friday Five

On this particular day, what is your favorite:

fruit -- fresh pineapple; just had some

song -- At this moment it's a toss-up between Diane Reeves singing Straighten Up and Fly Right and Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi, which was playing in a store I visited today and got stuck in my head

beverage -- smooooooooth-going-down light-roasted Just Coffee brand Ethiopian coffee

shoes -- my comfy, muy cheapo new two-tone gray kicks with lavender stripes

flower -- the orange-and-purple volunteer "Jolly Joker" viola that I discovered in my lawn; perhaps this is a sign unto me of what color scheme I should go for this year when I plant my annual bed.


Songbird said...

You have to love a volunteer!

LutheranChik said...

I cannot bring myself to ever pull out volunteers, even if, like volunteer tomato plants in Michigan, their chance of successful maturity is near zero. I was surprised, though, that this one is blooming true to color, especially since I'd planted them with other varieties of viola.

LutheranChik said...

BTW -- today while rereading my post, I looked at the title of my at-the-moment favorite song and thought, "What song is that?" It's Straighten Up and Fly Right, not Wake Up and Fly Right. Over the weekend I also 1)briefly lost my car keys; 2)briefly lost a prescription from my doctor; 3)briefly lost my cell phone; 4)utterly forgot something I was supposed to have done. Ground Control to Major Tom...

Rainbow Pastor said...

Hi LC--
I had the same experience after my father's death. My sister said at the time (and I think she's right) that the hormones and chemical processes of grief affect the brain. My IQ went down about 25 points (not that it's stratospheric on my best days). Unfortunately, I was in the middle of my first semester of Systematic Theology at the time. Bless my study group--I never woudl have passed otherwise!

What I'm trying to say in my rambling way is that you will experience this; it will pass. The only way I found to deal with it was to be very Zen, and just go with what happens--go with the flow.

Also, look at it this way--you're creating a new relationship with your mother. She was here, now she's not. So you're learning new ways to relate to her. It's bound to be a bit rough sometimes.

Enjoy those violas!