Monday, April 10, 2006

The Carnival Continues

We haven't quite pulled up all the tent stakes yet on the inaugural Walking the Midway Lutheran carnival, themed around Lutheran spirituality.

Clint at Lutheran Confessions has just posted a very good essay on Lutheran baptismal spirituality -- check it out.

As for my contribution...well, obviosuly intervening events have made it hard to focus on writing a coherent essay on anything, but perhaps one of these days I'll post something. It's going to be on spiritual practice, and why I think we Lutherans drop the ball by not giving our people tried-and-true tools that can help them live into their baptismal promise; that can support their daily faith walk. This is a subject I've become quite passionate about as I have discovered the value of spiritual practices like daily fixed prayer and Ignatian spiritual exercises, but when I tried to write something off the cuff about it tonight it read like gibberish to me, so I'll wait for awhile. But in the meantime discuss amongst yourselves.