Monday, April 24, 2006

Dog Laughs

My dog enjoys watching TV. Actually, some TV he hates -- he despises cartoons, and elephants, and politicians, and sports -- but he gets into other stuff; even commercials.

One ad campaign he likes, for reasons that aren't quite clear to me, is the Dodge series with the two engine-obsessed rednecks. (You'll recognize it in a minute.) Whenever one of the spots comes on, Cody stops what he's doing and listens.

Which brings me to our current household bit of merriment. Cody is very vocal, and spends a lot of time expressing himself in grunts, purrs and growls. When he's hmmmmning and harumphing and gwaaaaahing, I like to scoop him up in my arms, give him a hug and loudly proclaim, "THAT DOG GOT A HEMI? SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEET!" He thinks this is hilarious; it makes him smile an open-mouthed doggy smile and do what we call the Butt Dance. It's not quite Comedy Central, but it cheers us up at our house.

Actually, the joke's on Cody -- he's taking a trip to the Hair Lady this weekend and doesn't know itPosted by Picasa


Cathy said...

Cody should like what we call the puppy spa. :)
I still say that Cody and our dog Chin are related.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to show us an "after" photo!


LutheranChik said...

Well, we might have to wait...turns out he needs a Bortadella shot or they won't groom him. Sigh. One more "to do"...

Verdugo said...

I dunno-- Cody sounds like my husband. Hubby is quite derisive of TV, hardly watches any, but if I've got it on and he walks by he instantly becomes absolutely mesmerized by it-- even commercials-- unable to tear himself away no matter what he was doing. He also laughs uproariously at the most inane sitcoms.