Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good News...Bad News...

Good news: I saw a bald eagle in my neighborhood the other day. Awesome! I know these are getting to be quite common in many localities, but around here it's still a rare treat to see one. They're huge.
Bad news: I saw a little bird fall dead out of the sky on my way home from church. No kidding. I was driving along, minding my own business, when all of a sudden this gray bird -- maybe a titmouse? -- fluttered down from the sky onto the pavement right on its back, with its little feet up in the air, like in a cartoon. This was freakin' weird -- only the second time I've ever seen a wild bird die. (One Christmas weekend when I was visiting the 'rents a pileated woodpecker dropped dead from our suet feeder; my father was so intrigued that he took the dead bird to the DNR; they wrote back a few weeks later to say that the woodpecker had birdshot embedded inside it and had apparently died of internal injuries.) The only explanation I have -- there were a couple of cars ahead of me; I can imagine a car hitting the bird, and then either the impact or some final adrenalin rush sending the bird up into the air before it fell down.

Good news: My house is increasingly lemon-fresh, clutter-removed, rust-rid and grease relieved.
Bad news: There are so many things that need fixing or replacement around here, that I knew about and talked about for a long time but to no avail...sometimes I just walk around, inside or outside, murmuring, Omigod...omigod...omigod. My nightmare is to one day be ambushed by the Queer Eye guys and have to listen to their snarky assessments of my domicile. ("And here we thought you gals liked to play with power tools and hang out at Home Depot...")

Good news: I wrote about a half-dozen post-condolence thank-you notes today.
Bad news: I wrote them during work, instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Good news: I went to the doc, and I dropped over 50 points off my cholesterol count -- HDL is way up, LDL is way down. All without drugs. (My m.o. -- vegan breakfast and lunch, one of those "sensible" dinners, fish twice a week and a drastic cutting out of restaurant food.)
Bad news: We had our quarterly birthday party at work, and I inhaled about a half pound of pizza, plus chocolate ice cream. (Not quite "sensible.")

Good news: My dog was home alone for nine hours without an Excretory Incident.
Bad news: This morning he woke me up to go out; he came back in, didn't want to go back to bed with me so I left him run around the house while I attempted to catch a few last Zs...I got up to discover an Excretory Incident.

It's just been one of those weeks.


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

I went bird watching on Sun. and saw a dead eagle. Old dead. I had seen one flying just a few days before that.

Dogs are supposed to be able to "hold it." Has your dog been checked?

My friend always says that the house is also in a state of "dust to dust." A youth leader I had back in my home church said that things tend to decay and deterioriate and he said that was scientific evidence AGAINST evolution, at least agains the part of the theory where nothing comes together to become something alive. He would quote some scientific law. I've always wondered about that.

Beth said...

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that When no energy is added to the system, the system will gain entropy. There is definition of entropy, but disorder is good enough.

The reason evolution can happen w/out vioating the 2nd law is that the system we call earth is always having energy put into it. Just like I can decide to use my hand to counteract disorder in my room, God can use the sun to counterract disorder on earth.

Revem said...

I so hear you it's just one of those days.

I have tagged you, next time you visit my blog see what that means