Thursday, April 27, 2006

Keeping the Earth

Wouldn't it be nice [cue Beach Boys music] if church folks would get more interested in local boots-on-the-ground projects like this? Faith-Based Group Cleans Up the UP

Jon Magnuson, a co-founder of Earth Keepers, is Lutheran campus pastor at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. The program has ecumenical and inter-faith support, and new chapters are in the works at other colleges and universities.

My thought: Why stop with college students? Heck -- organize me; a pudgy middle-aged broad who needs the fresh air and sunshine. A day in the woods is a day in the woods, even if it is spent hauling out idiots' trash. Throw in a few more people and a picnic lunch, and it's practically a party. (Which tells you something about my social life.)

I think it's cool, anyway.

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Questing Parson said...

Hey, I've got better sense than call her a pudgy middle-aged broad, but I'm batching it this week. The wife and two other ladies from the church just up and decided to take a week off and go volunteer in an orphanage in Mexico. Got a call from her about an hour ago; it sure sounded like a party.