Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Voice of "Yes on 8"

From the comments section of the LA Times (original spelling intact):

YES on Prop 8!! We need to ban quiere marrige. Is is unconstitutional. The DOMA act signed your very own Bill Clinton defines marrige between a man and a woman! I'm sick of this paper taking the Liberal side on everything. I think this state is politically retarded! Go McCain Go Prop 8!!
Submitted by: Michael (Moscow,ID)

Yeah -- you go, Sparky.

Which reminds me...I would like to express my appreciation to the McCain-Palin campaign, especially the latter half of of that equation, for helping me again appreciate and embrace the good gift of a university education; and for strengthening my resolve to re-read Classical (and I do mean Classical) authors, learn another language, take some classes, pay more attention to world affairs and otherwise distinguish myself from what appears to be the preferred Republican constituent. So thank you, GOP -- you betcha! -- for sending me on the road to intellectual self-improvement.

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LoieJ said...

I guess this shows why Focus on the Family is so in favor of Home Schooling: keep people parochial. They can build their own constituency.

I thank God for my public school education in a Big City when it had good schools. And I thank God for my liberal arts education in a Church College. Not a narrow church college.