Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"A" is For Anarchist...

...and "A" is also for "asshole":

Gay Anarchist Group Crashes Worship Service

When I lived in East Lansing, Mt. Hope Church was the sort of church very into demonology and "deliverance ministry" -- looking for Satan under every rock and behind every curtain. So the geniuses behind this bit of guerilla theater happened to pick not only a homophobic church, but a generally paranoid, everyone's-against-us church, for their action. Way to go, kids.

Here's a thought: Perhaps the fight for marriage equity needs to be fought by persons with the maturity to take it seriously, instead of long-term adolescents with oppositional behavior issues.


Scooper said...

Wow! That last sentence was well said.

How about we let recognized religious institutions perform marriages, and recognized civil authorities perform civil unions. And let them both stay out of each other's business.

This would of course make heterosexual unions performed outside of religious institutions civil unions, but it might end the disparity between civil unions (which one could argue are a civil right due all people regardless of affectional orientation) and marriages (which are a sacrament of religious institutions and therefore not a civil right - due to separation of church and state).

I would also wave my magic wand and repeal the domestic partnership stuff. Either get married, get into a civil union, or just deal with it.

Your thoughts?

LutheranChik said...

Oh, I'm all for the Euro model: Call the civil aspect "civil union" for everyone, and then if people want a church marriage, let them do that as well. I can't imagine what the objection would be to this.

LutheranChik said...
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Mary Sue said...

Officials at the Mount Hope Church says they are not commenting at this time due to the ongoing investigation, but issued a statement saying the church does not attempt to identify the church as anti-homosexual, anti-choice or right wing. It does say however, that they do take the bible at face value.

*checks face of her Bible* Mine's worth $14.95!

Cory Gross said...

I'm personally a little torn on this. On the one hand, you're absolutely right about the "long-term adolescents with oppositional behavior issues." But on the other, I have a hard time with dissociating this in principle from Jesus flipping over tables and chasing livestock in the Temple.

The kids are angry, and I'm not sure that they don't have a right to be. However, Jesus' act of civil disobedience was restorative, which this isn't. It's just being angry. But then, if we're looking for constructive solutions... by the sounds of this church, there isn't going to be one.

I dunno'... I just felt an urge to write that I don't know ^_~ BTW, hi, this is sorrowful_mysteries. Long time no see! ^_^

Mary Beth said...