Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let Us Widget...

Those of us who 1)by choice or circumstance spend most of the day with our noses to the computer screen and 2)always have a reason for not maintaining a daily spiritual discipline now have no excuse. Meet the Daily Office widget. We still have to supply the liturgical bits, but the daily lectionary readings are instantly accessible. Thank God for church-geeky computer nerds.


Anonymous said...

Oh girl...

I went to a funeral for a co-worker a few years ago. Baptist. Even further south than Southern. I went with other co-workers, also of varying degrees of religiosity and irreligiosity.

It was wave after wave of testimonials from her friends and acquaintances about her piety. Not that it was bad, but I think they dragged up every person she ever met. It went on and on.

Then came the sermon. Then the extended altar call. I think the preacher had a quota, and he just kept admonishing people to come up, even after the line slowed to a trickle. He probably felt that everyone present, and even people driving by on the street outside, needed to some up.

Then maybe 15 praise songs sang off-key by her grandkids, blaring through an inadequate tape recorder.

Then the audience watched as all her kids and grandkids just stoof up front, facing the audience, and sobbed forever.

I don't Dante had any idea about Hell, if he never sat through one of these.

Mary Beth said...

love this! Thanks!