Monday, November 03, 2008

"I Can't Stand It!"

I'm sitting here at work reading one of the area senior newsletter that pass across my desk each month. On the front page is the sort of badly rhyming doggerel about old-age decreptitude that is in very nearly every issue of every newsletter. I'm reasonably sure that if I actually open the newsletter I will find an account of yet another scam aimed at gullible seniors...more half-hearted pleas to visit this or that senior center and see dancing chihuahuas or play Canned Fruit Bingo or learn "Facts About Fiber"...ain't-it-awful editorializing by someone who probably should be reading about fiber...

In the words of Charlie Brown: I can't stand it!

If I have to take much more of "the senior network," I am going to be reduced to babbling disassociation, in full fetal position under the desk.

There must be more to working life than this.

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Auntie Knickers said...

In fact, there's more to seniors than this! Onkel Hankie Pants belongs to two or three groups where most people are 20-30 years older than he (and we are eligible for AARP membership), and they are very interesting, involved people who don't complain much. I'm not so much a joiner but my genealogy society is also generally older than I and I find the same. These people need some interest in life besides generational one!