Friday, November 14, 2008

Fighting the "H8"

A grassroots movement to protest California's Proposition 8 has generated some major momentum, and is calling for demonstrations against Prop 8 tomorrow.

It feels a little ironic for me, as a Michiganian -- where, thanks to ueberconservative deep pockets in the western Michigan Bible Belt and a legislature that can't find its fanny with both hands on any other issue of importance, we in committed partnerships can scarcely hope for civil unions or shared benefits/legal protections of any kind, let alone marriage -- to show support for our community and others of goodwill in California. But I'm going to anyway.

Since in my experience much of what we tend to label as "H8" is actually enculturated, comfortable ignorance, I think that my modest contribution to the "impact" tomorrow is to live-blog a day in the life of our family. The weather here is going to be nasty, and it's the first day of firearm deer season as well -- it's a good day to stay inside and do householdy things. And that is what we're going to do. And you are going to read about them. I invite you to share a link to my blog to friends and acquaintances who think that FT and I are a weird, scary subspecies whose existence, and relationship, somehow threaten their own families...or, for that matter, share a link with folks you know who need some affirmation.

Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish will be sharing photos, stories and blog links tomorrow. Pay him a visit as well.


Mary Beth said...

I was supposed to go camping with spouse this weekend, but since it is likely headed to 32 degrees...I doubt it.

This means I will be able to attend the Stop the H8 Rally at our county courthouse tomorrow. I'm standing with you! Will check in again.


PamBG said...

I think that your idea is fantastic. I have to confess that I've been tempted in the past to link to your blog and a couple of others as examples of 'this is what gay Christians get up to' but that felt intrusive and cheeky,

toujoursdan said...

I was in New York City this weekend and heard that the turnout was huge. Even on the other side of the continent in a state where gay marriages performed in other jurisdictions are recognized, the anger at what happened in CA runs deep.