Thursday, November 20, 2008

Join the Advent Conspiracy

Hat tip to RevGalBlogPal Lorna for this:


Teri said...

my church is joining the advent conspiracy this year--so exciting! But instead of water projects, we are giving to Heifer (which is already a new thing for us this year).

Norma said...

Any year but this one I would have put this on my blog. In a country built 70% on consumerism, I think we're witnessing what happens when everyone stops buying. It's the bus boy, the check-out clerk at the supermarket, the stocker at Macy's, the auto salesman, the quick lube guy, the part timer that was perhaps kept on out of kindness, not need, it's the mortgage lender, it's the construction sub-contractor, the plumber's assistant, all these people are the ones you're talking about in this video.