Friday, November 07, 2008

Making the Band

Several RevGalBlogPals have shared this meme. It's pretty cool.

1. First, pick a band name from a random Wikipedia link.

2. Next, find a name for your latest album. (Go to the Random Quotations website and use the last four words of the first quotation.)

3. Finally, select art for your album cover. (Find an interesting photo on Flickr.

Here's my band:

Band Name: Finite Group Presentation.

Our Latest Album: Better Than the Best Memory. (Okay...I used five words. But "the" shouldn't count anyway.)

Our Album's Cover Art:

I'm thinking this album goes over in the ambient-music section in Barnes and Noble, and people listen to it while they're doing yoga or getting a massage.

Of course, the very coolest thing of all would be if a group of musical friends got together, did the meme...and then actually recorded an album for the Internet. This could be done.

1 comment:

Kate said...

band name: A-Z Index
album name: One philosopher or another
album cover image:

Cool meme. Thanks for sharing.