Friday, July 18, 2008

Whatcha Know About Green Bay?

I'm sending out a Cheesehead SOS.

A 20-something church pal of FT's and mine just relocated to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a new job. She's an EMT who got her training as a commuter student, so this is her first time living away from home. We've been checking on her MySpace page every couple of days, and she sounds a little down and disconnected from her family and community.

Those of you who have any familiarity at all with Green Bay: What are some great places to go and things to do there (besides go to Packers games)? What insider tips do you have for a rookie resident? Where's a good day trip destination from Green Bay, if she wants to get out of the city and learn her way around the general area?


LutherLiz said...

Love Green Bay, grew up 45 min away in things to do.

There is the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay - it sounds cheesy but totally cool. My husband is addicted to it. Bay Beach is a mini-amusement park that is a bit classic and fun.

Door county is just up the road with wonderful shops and places to be. Particularly Wilson's Ice Cream Shop (I believe in Ephraim) and lots of cute shops in general particularly in Sister Bay and Bailey's Harbor.

There is a great arts center at the UW-GB too that gets some good shows so I would check that out. Also, Appleton (just to the south) also has a great performing arts center with good quality shows.

Finally, this is a great time of year for the arts festivals all over WI, particularly in GB, the Fox cities and Door County so I would keep an eye out for that stuff.

ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

A day/weekend trip up into Door County is a must. Lots of shops, restaurants, and wilder things to see, such as parks.

My family is from 80 miles south of there, but I don't know much else about GB. There is also the Lake Michigan shore to the south to see, lots of towns with art, light houses, etc.

cheesehead said...

Well, despite my blog name, I'm mostly all talk when it comes to that city by the bay.

(There is, however, a lot of stuff in the city to the south which is the cultural/commerce center of Snow Belt. That I know about.)

I'd throw a big "boy howdy" behind the Door County idea.