Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Cub is In the House

One of the Children Raised By Wolves is staying with us through the weekend.

Ostensibly he's here to help with some household chores while Fellow Traveler is still recovering from surgery. We're actually just happy to get him out of his dysfunctional family situation, in their appalling wreck of a rented house trailer out in West Deliveranceville one county way, for a few days.

He's already had a busy first day. FT had called our pastor to get some information for the church website and found out that he, and our church family, have had one hell of a week -- sudden death, serious auto accidents, serious illnesses and, in one family, a parishoner's brother, missing for a month, found dead in the woods. (Our pastor is also a volunteer firefighter/first responder, so he is on the front lines of real-life drama in more ways than one.) FT and Cub whipped together some quick supper items for the parsonage and for another family we learned was in a crisis situation, then delivered them; I had to drive to another community for a work-related presentation; we finally rendevouzed later in the evening for a few quick rounds of Link's Crossbow Training.

I'm glad Cub got to meet our pastor and his wife in a setting other than church. (He was, however, briefly flummoxed by the church cemetery adjoining the parsonage: "Why do they live in a cemetery? That's sick.") He also got to experience a little bit of firefighter drama himself -- on the way home, FT noticed smoke rising from the roadside near our church and found the beginnings of a grass fire -- she quickly called our pastor, who sped over and, quite professionally, stomped it out with his boots.

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