Monday, July 21, 2008


Regular readers know about the late Cody's Codeman Song, his special family themesong.

Well, we still sing dogsongs around here. They tend to keep the same melody(such as they are) with daily variations on the lyrics. The funny thing is, the dogs love them. Cassie loves to hear, "We love our Cassie/we think she's grand/we sit on the porch and hold her hand." Gertie gets all waggy-licky when we sing the Gertie Song, to the tune of "Barbie World": "She's a Gertie girl/in her Gertie world."

Even Mollie the cat blinks in appreciation when we announce her entrance into the room with a sung superhero "It's the Mollinator!"

1 comment:

zorra said...

Good. I'm glad we aren't the only ones.

I started to include the Zorra-Dog song for your edification, but I changed my mind. You can thank me later.