Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dinner With the Kids

Semi-Son-in-Law and Semi-Semi-Daughter-in-Law have been visiting us at The Big House for the last couple of days. Last night we treated them, Fellow Traveler's sister and niece to a barbecue...courtesy of our new mack-daddy charcoal grill, which SSIL helpfully put together for us much of yesterday. (All 130+ nuts, bolts and other assorted parts, as we've been reminded more than once. But he did get a good tan out there on the patio.) We served cedar-planked whitefish with our fresh herb-garden herbs; planked salmon that we'd marinated in Paul Newman's new lime dressing; tuna steaks from SIL/N; grilled asparagus and portabellos; Indonesian cucumber salad marinated in sweetened rice vinegar with a subtle but delightful kick of garlic chili paste; curried lentil salad with a splash of cherry vinegar and dried cherries. (Since I've had to work this week, "Lefty" got a lot of help from SSDIL as far as cutting veggies.) Dessert was pecan pie from our Amish bakery friend Lydia.

Good stuff, Maynard. The in-laws were impressed. And we kind of surprised ourselves.

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