Monday, July 21, 2008

An Era Ends

I retired my land-line phone number this month.

Having a land line seemed increasingly redundant, not to mention expensive, so I finally pulled the plug, so to speak. But I found myself feeling a little sad about letting go of a number that had been in the family since I believe my grandparents got their first phone on the old farmstead in the late 40's...back when phone numbers had letter prefixes.

Oh, wishes to the new household who winds up with it.

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ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

The problems with cell phones are that they are expensive and they don't work in all places. You already know the advantages.

My cell phone company rolled into AT&T now, you know, the company that advertises that it has more bars in more places. Well, it still doesn't work at my daughter's, my mom's, and my S-I-L's, my sister', and my niece's houses, all in widely different areas of Wisconsin, as well as not "at the lake" here, or behind hills, etc.

What would help is if the various companies would cooperate so that you could get a signal off of any tower, because these places all DO get a signal.