Sunday, July 27, 2008

In a Jam...In a Pickle

This weekend we went on a canning frenzy -- actually, Fellow Traveler was Canner-in-Chief (one-handed, yet!) while I supplied washing and cutting assistance and brute strength as needed. We canned blueberry-cherry jam and kosher dill pickles...I lost count, but it was a lot.

The jam is terrific. The pickles are going to the fruit cellar to cure for awhile, but they look awesome, with garlic cloves and dillweed flower heads and spices floating about among the pickle spears.

Today we told the church ladies we would contribute 3 dozen jars of jam -- blueberry-lime and blueberry-cherry -- to an upcoming community event where they'll be selling their quilting projects. They were thrilled.

Does this mean that we have become church ladies?


WeavingLibrarian said...

When I work with the the church ladies at my church and see all that they do - I can think of few better aspirations than becoming a church lady.

I tell them all the time that I want to be just like them when I grow up. I am 54 - I don't know when one is old enough to be a church lady.

Sounds like you are well on your way.


Auntie Knickers said...

Yup, you are. And Patty is right.

stinuksuk said...

Church lady, all right!!! Isn't that special?!!??

Sheryl said...

The church ladies at my church keep trying to recruit me - the recognize that the youngest among them is in their late 60's, and they probably need fresh blood. Only problem is that I haven't even hit 40 yet. I don't mind helping when they need it, but I think I have at least 10 years before I hit church lady-hood

Mary Beth said...


southernbooklover said...

"Does this mean that we have become church ladies?"

'fraid so. But that's a good thing. :-)

Beth said...

What's really weird is becoming a church lady while you still have a small child. I quilt and show up for other random project, three year old and million toys in tow. I'm afraid he might become a chrchnlady mascot.